Wooden kitchens by Tim Wood

Wooden kitchens by Tim Wood are truly unique custom-made and finely tailored exactly to the needs and specifications of our clients.

Wooden kitchens are designed from listening to you and taking a brief of your wishes and the given space. This and the minute detail Tim Wood himself will go into with you will create a truly unique wooden kitchen you will never find anywhere else.

Tim Wood uses the very best materials and every element is handmade in the UK to the highest levels of craftsmanship. Tim Wood wooden kitchens combine bespoke, handcrafted design with the very best modern structural methods.

Everything we do is a collaboration with you, working with you on what fits your needs to get the best ergonomics for you and your family. Tim Wood will guide you through the very best options, bearing in mind your likes/dislikes and your wishes.

Tim Wood himself is involved with every project. Each starts with your brief, written on a blank piece of paper: there are no standard designs, units or ranges. All our wooden kitchens are tailor designed for you. The only standard components or parts are the appliances and accessories, but even they often can be more unusual than another company may suggest.